Sauna Varjola – Certified sauna experience

Finns have always believed in the healing effects of sauna and there is even an old Finnish saying; “If there is no help from sauna, spirits or tar, it will be lethal”. A lot of research has been made from the benefits of sauna, but most of all sauna is about relaxing and feeling good […]

Metsänkehto (cradle of the forest) at the Taulu Estate

Metsänkehto  Slowing and calming down, mindfulness. The ability of forests to increase people’s well-being and reduce stress has been well documented. Experience the invigorating and calming effect of Finnish forests by rocking in the cradle of the forest. Metsänkehto is a journey into quiet contemplation that begins with a moment together to prepare for the […]

Tour to Bear’s Den

Have you ever thought in which kind of shelters bears hibernate amidst snow and cold of the winter season? During the Bear’s Den Tour, we get to explore three different lairs: one under a large boulder moulded cast, the second one in a pit covered densely with spruce and the third one in a large cavity. […]

Wild herb pampering in the Shade of the Forest

Take in with all your senses the magic of the Northern Central Finland forests. Stroll in the forest to pick up wild herbs full of aroma. Relax in a hot tub amidst the lust forest while listening to the whisper of leaves and enjoying the silence. Treat yourself with delicious country style dinner with a […]

Forest yoga

Peaceful, body-stretching yoga in the forest, combining the beneficial effect of the Finnish forest environment with gentle yoga poses. The exercise consists of gentle deep stretching poses and asanas that open your body. Instead of difficult asana series, forest yoga contains body stretching and opening poses that improve your posture. The poses are mainly performed […]

Forest bath

A forest bath combines the overall stimulating effect of a natural Finnish forest and lake environment with a slow, relaxing yoga exercise. In walking meditation, we stop and explore what touches us in the scenery. What makes you feel present? What do you feel with your body? In the yoga exercise, the poses are mainly […]