Real Finland – pure nature, genuine flavors and amazing experiences

Relaxing steam in the Finnish sauna

We Finns are known to be crazy about the sauna and always thinking about it. Our location in the sauna region of the world supports and reinforces this image. To us, the most important thing about having a sauna is the relaxation of mind and body and getting clean. We always have a sauna near you. Whether you’re by a lake, in a forest or in the countryside, there is always a sauna in nearly every place.

Delicacies from the clean nature

Our forests are chock-full of pure wild food that’s available for anyone to harvest in accordance with the everyman’s right, completely free of charge. Finnish berries are full of sweet and tart flavours alike, as well as healthy vitamins and flavonoids. In a forest, you can come across delicious mushrooms ranging from golden-yellow chanterelles to succulent porcini, not to mention wild herbs. If you don’t have the time to roam through a forest picking up treasures, our restaurants will provide you with a variety of wild food flavours.

Wilderness magic

Here, in the embrace of the wilderness, you can enjoy the peace and quiet, marvel at the starry sky, hear the hum of the wind and feel the ice and snow. Pamper yourself in the beautiful, surrounding nature in all seasons.

The land of a thousand lakes

Finland is known as the land of a thousand lakes. And for good reason, as we have 188,000 lakes and a large part of the surface area of the country is covered by water. This makes Finland stand out from other European countries. Some of our lakes are so clean that you can drink the water on the spot. For example, even though we talk about Lake Valkeinen, it’s not actually a lake at all, as it’s formed out of 17 springs that gush clean and drinkable water into Valkeinen. Thus, you could call Lake Valkeinen a large spring.

Home of the brown bear

Finland is also the land of a thousand forests. More than 70% of Finland consists of beautiful forests, which is more than in any other European country. Our pristine and beautiful forest sceneries provide a living environment for thousands of wild animals and birds. The huge forests are also home to the brown bear, the king of our forests. It is estimated that there are approximately 1,500 brown bears in Finland, many of which live in our wilderness forests. In summer, you can take a peek inside the bears’ hibernation nests.

Genuine national landscapes

There are 39 national parks in Finland, 5 of which are located in Central Finland. Finnish nature is at is most genuine in the national parks, in their untouched forests, swamps and clean waters. Find the magic of the wilderness with all of your senses, in the sound of silence and the clean scent, and let the forest put your stressed mind at ease in its gentle embrace. Experience pure nature in the national parks of Salamajärvi, Pyhä-Häkki, Etelä-Konnevesi, Leivonmäki and Isojärvi.