Genuine experiences in a genuine environment. We are a group of small family businesses that live on authenticity, nature and personal service! With us, you can enjoy the frothing rapids, calming lakes and mystical forests with genuine local people. Come and be our guest in Real Finland all year round!

Six Reasons

Real Sauna

Finnish sauna sensations at their best. Our saunas are surrounded by the beautiful nature and clean waters. Experience a variety of sauna sensations and the relaxation they bring; we have smoke saunas, wood-heated saunas, electric saunas and tent saunas. Pamper yourself with pure natural products and genuine sauna treatments. The sauna is near and dear to our hearts ‒ after all, we are part of the world’s sauna region.

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Real Accommodation

Our accommodations are located close to nature. Chirping birds, the rustling wind and the clean air will lull you to a deep sleep and you’ll wake up feeling refreshed the next day. We have accommodation options in group tents under the starry sky as well as charming lakeshore cabins with saunas, hideaway-like manor accommodation in the middle of a forest and accommodation in a genuine Finnish countryside environment.

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Real Taste

Genuine traditional Finnish flavours. We serve food that is produced locally. Wild ingredients from forests and lakes as well as pure local food from nearby farms. Wild herbs, berries, mushrooms and game from local forests and fish from the local lakes, a treasure trove of wild ingredients. Therein lies the secret of genuine flavour. You can taste that our food is as if homemade from start to finish.

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Special Occasions

Genuine celebrations surrounded by nature. To seal your love during the blue hour under the starry sky at nature’s altar in the forest, or to say “I do” on the shore of a clear wilderness lake. New lights at Karhunpesä in the nightless night or the sense of genuine countryside romanticism at the manor.

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Real Experience

Nature provides an experience in and of itself. The four seasons give you a reason to come back, to take a peek at the constantly changing scenery. The darkness, the starry sky, the blue hour and the northern lights from autumn to the freezing temperatures of January and February. The abundance of green in spring and the opening of nature’s own wild salad bar, as well as the magic of the nightless night, nature swims and fishing. Midsummer and autumn rain and the appearance of wild herbs, berries and mushrooms. Experience and enjoy nature in a natural way.

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Real Outdoor

Let the wilderness embrace you! The diverse nature and various National Parks near us invite you to go on an adventure, recharge your batteries or just calm yourself. You can go on a hike with a guide or on your own. Cook sausages at campfire sites. Feel the speed of a husky sleigh or the silence of hiking in a National Park, exceed your expectations by descending a rock with climbing gear or catch the fish of your life!

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